At Beyond, Inc., we are committed to the responsible use of personal information across all our brands and businesses. We comply with all applicable federal, state, and international privacy laws and regulations to keep your information safe.

Residents of some states and countries may opt out of the sale or distribution of personal information, request that this information be deleted, or request to have a copy sent to them.

Please submit this form to exercise the following privacy rights:

  • Opt-out of targeted marketing and the sale or distribution of personal information for all Beyond, Inc. brands and businesses (also known as Do Not Sell/Share).

  • Download a copy of the personal information we have collected about you.

  • Delete your data and close your account. If you select this option:
    • Your account, personal information, and purchase history will be deleted across all brands. This is a permanent action; deleted accounts cannot be restored.
    • You will not be able to initiate returns or dispute a charge.
    • Your Welcome Rewards and other loyalty account earnings will be deleted.
    • Your gift card balance will be deleted.
    • You will be unable to provide proof of purchase for warranties.
    • You will not be notified about applicable safety recalls.
    • Your Customer Care communications will be deleted; they will be unable to help you.

  • We cannot process deletion requests if there is an order on your account within one year, to facilitate tax, fraud and other essential business processes.

  • Once the form is submitted, a confirmation notification will be sent to the submitted email from If we are unable to verify your account, we will be unable to process the request.

  • If you wish to exercise multiple privacy rights, or you have multiple accounts, you will need to submit a separate request for each email address.

  • If you used a private email relay (e.g. Apple's Hide My Email service), you will need to submit your request using that unique email address.

  • Someone legally acting on the behalf of another individual will be required to provide proof of agency.

  • Beyond, Inc. is legally required or entitled to retain some data in accordance with applicable laws including for tax and accounting and fraud prevention purposes.

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